Non compos mentis

(alternative title) White-gaffa off!


mixed-media on canvas stretcher,

50 cm x 40 cm

Original painting by Initially NO

circa 2010






Monster Crowd

mixed-media on canvas stretcher, 92cm x 92cm

Original painting by Initially NO

Circa 2010


Lying on trees

Mixed-media on canvas stretcher, 102 x 102 cm

Original Painting by Initially NO,

Circa 2010


Victims of Psychiatrists protest

Mixed media painting on canvas stretcher,

60cm x 60cm


© Initially NO 2010


People don’t want to be enslaved as human laboratory animals for the profit of whitecoat. This is a crime against humanity. 1.5 billion people world-wide are being tortured to death by psychiatry. Enough.


Activist art that will appreciate and astute buyers should get apply to get this original painting while they can, at this price.